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Portable Fire Extinguishers are designed to give the user an Active Fire Protection Device that can be used in an Emergency to extinguish or control small fires. They are not designed to replace the highly trained expertise of the Fire Department. When a fire is out of control the only safe place is not to be there. However, when faced with evacuating the building during an emergency a Fire Extinguisher could be the difference between getting out or not.


There are several varying Types of Fire extinguishers and they are individually designed to fight different types of fires. All the Fire Extinguishers we Install and Service are fully tested and certificated and all have the individual Operating Signs on and adjacent to the Extinguisher.


Portable Fire Extinguishers with the required Annual Servicing will give you the peace of mind that if an Emergency was to occur they would be ready to handle the task.


The current British Standard for Fire Extinguishers is BS5306-3   2009 and we have trained engineers that are able to:-

We ensure you have the Right Quantity, the Right Type, in the Right Location and all ready for action Please call us for any advise you require


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